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Living With: Part 1

Living with is a piece and a project. In the piece I want to explore the idea of Living With something for more time than I might otherwise live with it. I really stumbled on the idea after being on Spotify for a while listening to all kinds of great music, and reminiscing about when I use to listen to a song or a CD over and over again until I really had felt like I had saturated myself with it. What happened to those days? Is it really that there is so much great music out there that I can't just hang on to that experience of listening to something new a few times before moving onto the next thing? I don't think this only happens with the music I listen too either. When I feel oversaturated by my facebook feed or between the choices of shampoo at the store, it is a very similar feeling. I know that this is why mindfulness practices, yoga, and meditation, and prayer have been so intriguing to me lately as well.

With this piece I want to explore the idea of Living With in the composition, but I also want to document and reflect on my composing process. These video Blogs and Blog posts will help me gain a new perspective of my own creative process by documenting the process and reflecting on it.

This first video post shows the first 2 days that I have worked on the piece, about 2-3 hours of work on it so far.

Below is the lead sheet sketch of the ideas that I notated so far.

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