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Living With is a piece that I wrote which was inspired by the idea that to truly appreciate anything, it is important to Live with it for a while.  I documented the process of writing the piece on a my Blog

What a May?

"What a may?" is an origial funky big band chart based  I wrote in 2014 based on how my son Simon said "What's the matter?" when he was 3 years old.  Performed here live by the Portland Jazz Orcehstra. 


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Through the Mirror, Alto Saxophone, Bass, Guitar, drums, keyboards, 2005; ca. 4’30”

Broken Castles, piano, Bs Cl., 2 perc., (Premiered by Zeitgeist Ensemble), 2005; ca. 8’

Arbitrary Structurings, alto sax, trombone, piano, bass, drum set, 2004; ca. 15’00”

Fascism & Follow the Leader, any three instruments or voices, 2004; ca.7’00”

Fantasy for Winds and Strings, Chamber Orchestra, 2003; ca. 3’00”

Nameless Fathoms, Wind Quintet and Pitched percussion, 2003; Mvt. I, 6’10”

Lunar Journey, Alto Saxophone, Bass, Piano, Drums, 2002; ca. 15’00”

A Magicians Love Letter, String Quartet, 2002; 4’00”

Beyond Reflection, Concert Band, 2002; 3’00”

Vixen: Theme for a Reindeer, Violin and Piano, 2002; 3’50”

Oobleck, Chamber Orchestra, 2002; 3’00”

Willow weeping, Flute, Viola, Trumpet, and Bass, 2001; 2’22”



Katrina Redux, tape, power-point slides, any improvisers, 2005; ca. 20’00”

Meditation, tape, drums, electric guitar, bass, saxophone, keyboards, 2005; ca. 6’00”

Liquified Instances of Real Life, video, trumpet, and electric Guitar, 2003-2004; ca. 5’00”

Beginning, tape piece, 2003; 3’20”

Variations on a theme by Bush, tape piece, 2003; 3’24”

Job talk, tape and live performers, 2003; ca. 5’00”

Sphere, tape piece, 2002; 5’19”

The Thinks you can Think, tape piece, 2002; 4’38”



Matchbox Country, 2004

Checkers with Rachel, 2001    

Sometimes I Autumn, 2001

In Evening Rain, 2001

Finding a Personality, 2000   

Bicycle with Glasses, 2000      



TV: Our Feeding Tube, 2008



Three in One, Alto Saxophone, 2004; ca. 4’00”

Beautiful in Beauty is. . ., Flute, 2003; ca. 3’00”

Les Moments Tranquilles, Cello, 2002; 10’21”



Self-evaluation, alto sax, electric Guitar, electric Bass, Organ and Spoken word, 2005; ca. 5’00”   

Inspiration Collage: Listen, for multiple bands and Spoken word, 2003; 13’15”



East West, original music for a play, commissioned by Livermore Falls High School

(Maine), 2002



Abundance, 1st mvt. 2004; ca. 7’00” 



Roots & Wings, Voice, Keyboards, bass, drums, and string orchestra; ca. 7' 00”

House of Mirrors, Voice, keyboards, bass, drums, saxophone, 2005; ca. 5’00”

Purity in a Glass Darkly, Voice, piano, and tape, 2004; 4’25”

Sacrifice, Vocal quartet, 2002; 4’15”

How soon this Happiness does fly, Voice, guitar, piano, bass, and percussion, 2001; 5’00”


Be Thou My Vision, Fiddle, Voice, and computer; 2006 ca. 7' 00”

Wrestling, Jazz/Funk Quartet, 2008; ca. 9' 00”

Gesu Bambino, Voice and Piano, 2005; ca. 5’00”

Silver Bells, Voice and Piano, 2005; ca. 4’00”

Joy to the World, Voice and Piano, 2005; ca. 4’30”

I Wonder as I Wander, Voice and Piano, 2005; ca. 5’00”

In the Bleak Midwinter, Voice and Piano, 2005; ca. 6’00”

Chim Chim Cher-ee, Big Band Jazz; 2011 ca. 6'00" 

I Know Noble Accents, Big Band Jazz; 2016 ca 6'30 

Peace and Quiet, Big Band; 2022 ca. 6'15

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