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Born and raised in Maine by a musical family, Jake Sturtevant is a prolific composer, performer, and music educator.  His compositions encompass a variety genres and media including jazz, funk/fusion, vocal, chamber music, orchestral, electronic, and multi-media works.     


Mr. Sturtevant currently is the music director at Falmouth High School.   As a secondary educator, he focuses on guiding students in performance and exploring their own creative processes to learn through creating, and reflecting on their creations and performances.  Additionally he held the position of music educator at Bonny Ealge HIgh School, Washington Academy, Teaching Assistant of the Composition department at the University of Minnesota, and he has worked as an intern and as an independent contractor for the Maine Arts Commission. 


Mr. Sturtevant has been interested in acquiring and changing his teaching and assessment practices to focus on standard based grading.  He has had the opportunity to be part of the Arts Assessment Institute and Initiative, and has taught a variety of workshops at the October 2011 Maine Arts Assessment Conference at the University of Southern Maine in Portland.  He is continually inspired by other teachers around the state and the country who have found a variety of assessment practices that help students achieve practical goals that will help them progress, while not stifling their creativity.  


Mr. Sturtevant also continues to be a prolific composer/arranger and performer.  He currently plays piano with the Portland Jazz Orchestra and the Opus One Big Band regularly, and has written and arranged pieces for these bands. 


Mr. Sturtevant holds degrees from the University of Maine at Augusta’s Jazz and Contemporary music program (BA, Music, 2003), and the University of Minnesota (MA, Composition 2005), where he studied with Dr. Judith Lang Zaimont.  


Beyond his profession Jake enjoys his time with his family, and all outdoor activities especially hiking and skiing.  

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